Professional Rewards Program

About the Professional Rewards Program

What is the purpose of the Professional Rewards Program?
Skilled Medical is committed to the highest clinical and professional standards. Our philosophy is to support our doctors in their work and learning to ensure they remain up to date and equipped for the demands of current clinical practice.

In keeping with this philosophy, the Skilled Medical Professional Rewards Program is designed to support your ongoing professional training and development by reimbursing you for the purchase of necessary medical tools and resources.

How do I accrue Professional Rewards Program credits?
Credits are earned in the following ways:

  • Starting credits of 100 credits awarded upon undertaking the first placement with Skilled Medical
  • Placement credits of 10 credits awarded per shift (where 5+ hours have been worked on each day) or 5 credits for shifts of less than 5 hours.
  • Referral credits of 500 credits or a $500 gift card awarded when a referred Doctor has:
    • completed 10 locum placement days, within 180 days of being referred.
    • commenced a permanent placement, within 12 months of being referred. Reward will be issued upon completion of the initial six-month period.

What is the dollar value of a credit?
Each credit has a nominal value of $1.00, e.g.: 500 credits may be redeemed for $500 towards the cost of educational, work and training-related purchases.

When can I redeem my credits?
You may begin redeeming credits once 400 points have been earned with Skilled Medical. You must have worked with Skilled Medical in the previous six months to remain active in the rewards program.

How can I use my credits?
Credits can be redeemed for a range of educational and clinical resources and tools.*

       Continuing Professional Development

       Clinical Tools & Resources

  • Conference registrations
  • Workshop/seminar/course fees
  • CPD-related travel and accommodation*
  • Fellowship/membership fees
  • Medical journal subscription or medical book – hard copy or electronic
  • Clinical computer software
  • Smartphone, tablet PC or laptop
  • Clinical diagnostic tools (i.e. stethoscope or eye/ear diagnostic set)

*All redemption requests must be accompanied by a valid tax invoice. CPD-related travel redemption requests must also include proof of conference registration.

How can I check my credit balance?
To check your current credit balance, please log into the Doctor Console area of the Skilled Medical website and select the Professional Rewards Program tab. Credits are updated on a monthly basis once placement invoices have been processed.

How do I redeem credits?

To redeem your credits, please submit a Professional Rewards Redemption Form by logging into the Doctor Console area of Skilled Medical’s website and selecting the Professional Rewards Program tab, downloading and completing the form and emailing it to You can type into the form using the free Adobe Reader’s Typewriter tool.

Once an eligible purchase is made and your redemption is approved, Skilled Medical will reimburse you for the purchase price (GST incl.). A valid tax invoice as proof of purchase must accompany each redemption request. Please note that we cannot pay a portion of a tax invoice. Make sure you have sufficient credits to cover the entirety of the redemption.

When will I be reimbursed?
Your payment will be processed within 30 days of your redemption request being approved.

What are my tax invoice requirements?
Redemptions must be supported by a valid tax invoice issued within the same financial year as the request. Tax invoices must be supplied by an ABN or ACN-registered organisation and clearly display the relevant ABN or ACN. No claims will be accepted for purchases made in prior financial years.

Are there any tax implications?
There may be personal tax implications and obligations in connection with this Professional Rewards Program. Your tax accountant can advise you further.

How long do my credits remain valid?
Any credits you accrue during a calendar year remain valid for 12 months from the accrual date. We do not advise when your credits will expire, and you should monitor your balance in your Doctor Console and ensure the available credits are used on a regular basis to support your work and learning activities.

How do I refer a colleague?
Please enter your colleague’s details in our simple online referral form.

If you’re having trouble accessing the site, please email or phone 1300 900 100.

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